Love is DEAD

To achieve the marvelous, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.

Always talkin', always got something to say whether I regret it later or not, good thing? Bad thing? It wouldn't matter, a habit I can't break. Divided by Sterotypes, Classified by names. Keeping my head above water, surviving with the rest of this crazy world. Wise enough to know that nothing comes easy, and every mistake is to be learned from. The wisdom that i have catches most by surprise, because I put this upfront appearance of a kid inside of a candy store. The heart and mind is more important than the body, If you never had me spewing my deepest feelings, you never had me. Spontaneity, Goofyness, oddness, is the only way you'll ever catch my attention, come differently not with the usual. Was up with people getting biographies written about them, I mean the one person who knows who you are, is you right ? Aha. Whatever my mind elongates onto here still couldn't describe me, but in a nutshell I suppose, it'll do. Good head on my shoulders I can tell you that much, (it's also full of the JUICIEST secrets) Damn, If I wasn't me I would be jealous to know what powers my silly mind possesses. Good head, also HARD HEADED to the maximum level. I would consider myself to have a brain of a dictator, Stalin to be exact (without all the unfair man slaughter and the fiddle faddle of the sort) Biggest heart trapped inside of me, not one part of it isn't soft. I guess I'm a weakling, habit I've been tryna` break since '92. Nevertheless, when I need be a brick wall, I got that on lock no doubt about that. I got a smart mouth, Not to be sassy or back sass the shit outta anyone; just get's me out of those sticky situations, when I seem pretty glued in... I think Yanni is the most brilliant man. Playing piano is my getaway, not knowing the unseen & worlds between. I love my parents for pushing me to continue all those time's I wanted to skip lessons, and quit. I like to make up my own versions to every song, while writing melodies of my own on the side. I'm a lyrical mastermind in my world.